1. Technologies can implement themselves, expertise is not required.
  2. Preference to a transactional relationship with a vendor.
  3. Don’t value expertise of leaders that have built and led successful customer-centric businesses.
  4. Because bigger is always better.
  5. There are enough security resources in the company and retaining them isn’t an issue.
  6. There are extra hours in the day.
  7. Lowering network costs through secure internet connectivity (SD-WAN) is not a priority.
  8. Purchasing traditional hardware equipment remains a strategy.
  9. Streamlined process and rapid turn-around on solutions and quotes is annoying.
  10. There is no interest in reducing the monthly spend on AWS and Azure cloud costs.
  11. A fully functioning Security Operations Center (SOC) with enterprise class tools and trained professionals already exists.
  12. Access to engineers with expertise in complex enterprise design, implementation and support is never needed.
  13. No desire for Account Management that cares about the customer’s long-term success.
  14. Experience with Bio-Pharma, Healthcare, Retail, Finance, Banking, Legal, Manufacturing doesn’t apply.
  15. Compliance for data on-premise and in the cloud is fully covered.
  16. IT does not present any risk to the business.
  17. The value of a vendor is based on their allocation of funds to fixed brick & mortar.
  18. The use of standard security protection technologies is enough, no need for continuous monitoring of potential threats.
  19. The PTP team doesn’t think of their role as just a job, and that’s just not right.
  20. Audited and certified managed services has no impact on quality.
  21. Accelerating business through speed of application deployment is not an advantage.
  22. There is nothing wrong with the reseller model of doing business.
  23. Buy/own/depreciate always has a lower TCO to subscription consumption.
  24. Data security is getting easier to manage every day.
  25. Business should never be fun.

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