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Unifying IT Operations For Peak Performance 


Elevate your cloud strategy with PeakPlus™ for unparalleled efficiency and innovation.

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Optimize your spending with PeakPlus CONTROL™, blending financial savvy with cloud excellence for smarter investments.
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Accelerate development with PeakPlus™, integrating DevOps practices for faster, more reliable software delivery.
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Fortify your defenses with PeakPlus SECURE™, ensuring top-tier security operations to protect your digital assets.
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Streamline your network operations with PeakPlus™ MANAGE, delivering robust performance and reliability for your IT infrastructure.
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Resolve IT issues swiftly with PeakPlus™ RESOLVE, ensuring your team’s productivity with expert, biotech-focused support.
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Synchronized Excellence: The PeakPlus™ Methodology

Introducing PeakPlus™ by PTP: The ultimate cloud management platform tailored for the life sciences sector. Elevate your research and analytics with AWS, optimized for speed, security, and efficiency. Let’s accelerate your innovations to market with unparalleled cloud governance and design.

Empowering Operations: The PeakPlus™ Advantage

In the heart of digital transformation, PeakPlus™ stands as your centralized solution, unifying six core operational services into one seamless experience. By integrating CloudOps, FinOps, DevOps, SecOps, NetOps, and UserOps, we’ve created a harmonious platform designed to elevate your business performance to its zenith.

How It Works

PeakPlus™ redefines operational efficiency with a synchronized suite of services that work in concert to optimize your IT landscape. Our methodology is simple yet powerful—assess, align, and implement. We start by evaluating your current operations, aligning them with industry best practices, and implementing strategic solutions that deliver results. It’s a continuous cycle of improvement, always aiming for peak performance. 

We Are AWS Certified Cloud Experts.

Introducing The PeakPlus™ Managed Service Platform

Unleash Full IT Potential with the PeakPlus™ Suite

PTP’s PeakPlus™ Managed Service Platform is an integrated ecosystem, meticulously curated to magnify the value of your IT infrastructure. At its core, the suite combines top-tier tools like OpsRamp for ITOM and Cherwell for ITSM, with CloudCheckr for Cloud Management—all converging through the central hub of the PeakPlus™ View portal. This strategic assembly, bolstered by additional specialized tools, augments visibility and fortifies security across your entire IT landscape.

Our Managed Services experts have refined these tools to provide critical, actionable insights via comprehensive dashboards and reports. This transparency and accessibility underscore our commitment to empowering customers with the knowledge to manage their technology environments efficiently.

What Does The PeakPlus Managed Services Platform Cover?


The PeakPlus™ Managed Services Platform delivers a suite of services designed to optimize every aspect of your IT operations:

    • IT Operations Management (ITOM): Harness the power of AIOps and NPM with OpsRamp for a proactive approach to IT operations.
    • IT Service Management (ITSM): Implement ITIL-compliant practices with Cherwell, ensuring service delivery aligns with the highest standards.
    • Cloud Optimization and Management: Utilize CloudCheckr to streamline and economize your cloud resources.
    • Proactive Security Monitoring: Employ XDR and Vulnerability Scanning tools to stay ahead of security threats.
    • Comprehensive Cloud Security: Access advanced measures to protect your digital assets effectively.
    • Reliable Cloud Backup: Secure your data with dependable backup solutions that promise peace of mind.

PeakPlus Services 


Our approach has consistently enabled customers to slash monthly cloud expenses by an average of 25% and strengthen their security posture. By blending deep expertise with tailored strategies, we deliver resilience and measurable business value through optimized cloud management.

PeakPlus SECURE™

Opt for PeakPlus SECURE™ and partner with a team that deeply understands the technology, industry standards, and key compliance requirements critical to your security posture. We enable organizations to access specialized cybersecurity services without the need for dedicated full-time employees, making advanced security accessible and manageable.

PeakPlus MANAGE™

Choosing PeakPlus MANAGE™ means selecting a partner that understands the critical balance between seamless network functionality and operational constraints. Our dedication goes beyond problem-solving; we’re committed to your network’s continuous improvement and evolution. With our 24/7/365 operational model, expert NOC team, and integration of cutting-edge ITOM, AIOps, and ITSM platforms, we ensure your network is not only operational but optimized for future demands.


PeakPlus™ RESOLVE’s service highlights include efficient IT problem solving, ensuring that any issues are addressed swiftly with immediate access to our expert technicians. Our team brings specialized expertise in life sciences to understand and tackle the unique IT challenges faced by biomedical research. Additionally, our flexible support models are designed to adapt perfectly to your lab’s specific requirements, offering a customized approach to IT service that aligns with your operational workflow.

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