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Accelerating the pace of data science through automation, enhanced workflow resulting in trusted computational biology, chemistry, data science and machine learning. PTP architects, implements and optimizes AWS technology solutions that enable life sciences and healthcare organizations to develop faster, lower IT costs, and scale their operations. The AWS platform is trusted by the largest enterprises and the hottest startups alike to power a wide variety of workloads, including web and mobile applications, application development, data processing, warehousing, storage, archive and much more.

PTP & AWS Enabling Biotech in a Box

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PeakPlus for Life Sciences

Are you trying to improve the world with life changing innovations? You need a dynamic platform for your research and analytics. That means leveraging the cloud through Amazon Web Services. Who provides cloud access, optimization, governance and security for AWS like no one else? PTP’s PeakPlus. We allow innovators to get treatments to market faster using cloud architecture and design, cost optimization, compliance, data security and monitoring and operations.


  • IoT + Data Lake
  • Compliance
  • Design + Workflow
  • Automation + Robotics
  • Data Science + Machine Learning
  • Bioinformatics / HPC
  • Cheminformatics / HPC
  • Outsourcing + Supply Chain

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