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PTP’s Cloud Engineering

The demand for seasoned Cloud Architects, Sys Admins, and DevOps engineers is skyrocketing. As more businesses transition to the cloud, the hunt for these experts intensifies.

PTP’s PeakPlus stands out with a dedicated team specializing in cloud operations. Our engineers lend their expertise in cloud engineering, architecture, operations, and support, catering to both project-specific requirements and ongoing retainer-based needs.

Expertise Highlights

PeakPlus prides itself on a team of Cloud Operations engineers. They’re equipped to offer engineering, architecture, and operational support services, available for specific projects or under a block-of-hours retainer agreement, always ensuring timely responses.

  • Integrated Access Management (IAM)
  • Control Tower
  • EC2 – Provisioning, Management Imaging, Placement groups
  • EBS Volume management and assignment
  • Security Groups
  • Access Control Lists
  • Load Balancing – application or network
  • S3
  • Lambda and Elastic Beanstalk
  • Redshift Cluster
  • Nextflow pipelines
  • AWS Batch
  • Auto Scaling
  • Terraform
  • Service Catalog
  • AWS Code Commit
  • RDS/Dynamo DB/Mongo

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