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Aaron Jesky, Sr. Cloud Architect


In the fascinating and high-stakes domain of biotechnology, research validation and acquisition of the next wave of funding stand as crucial checkpoints in the journey of a startup.

Amid an environment characterized by escalating scrutiny and disturbing reports of manipulated outcomes, it becomes critical to build an infrastructure that is not only efficient but also transparent and reliable.

At PTP, we’re here to facilitate just that. Leveraging a blend of innovative technologies and strategic tools such as Amazon Omics and Nextflow, we aim to significantly expedite your research process and validate its authenticity.


Consideration 1: Pipeline Scaling and Automation – Making Processes Efficient and Replicable

Our primary goal in fortifying the validity of research is in streamlining and automating your data processing pipelines. We bring to the table the expertise to support scaling homegrown pipelines, thereby creating a perfect environment that matches your specific needs.

Simultaneously, we integrate industry-leading solutions such as Nextflow, which provides a scalable and reproducible scientific workflow using software containers. It simplifies the orchestration of complex computational workflows, making it a preferred choice in fields requiring intensive computational effort – like genomics, for example.

Additionally, we rely on open-source conglomerates like Cell Ranger, Seurat, Picard, and Star Aligner, which have shown proven results in genomics and computational biology. These solutions, when interlaced with robust AWS offerings like EC2, ELB, Auto Scaling, Lambda, and Fargate, create a scalable, cost-efficient, and high-throughput data processing solution that stands the test of validation.



Consideration 2: Data Transfer and Centralization – Creating a Single Source of Truth

Data is the lifeblood of research, and its integrity is paramount to validation. We work towards establishing a centralized data source by integrating all your research data – this includes sensitive Clinical Trial data, data from Contract Research Organizations (CROs), public data repositories, and your internally generated data.

Utilizing AWS Data Transfer Family services (such as Snowball and Snowcone), we ensure a secure and efficient data transfer process. These services are designed to simplify, automate, and expedite data transfer, making your data accessible when and where it needs to be on the cloud. We take it a step further by offering integrations with Tetrascience, Quilt, and Benchling, providing an additional layer of data management support.



Consideration 3: Containerization of Research Applications – Ensuring Consistency and Scalability

Containerization technology is revolutionizing the way applications are developed and deployed – these tools play a critical role in maintaining the consistency of your applications across multiple computing environments. This is especially important in research where the reproducibility of results is key for validation.

Containerization offers multiple benefits, including resource efficiency, quicker deployment, scalability, and isolation of applications. Through our work in enabling and supporting containerized applications, we not only streamline the deployment process but also ensure the scalability and reliability of your research applications.



Consideration 4: Support for Amazon Omics and Data Lake Capabilities – Democratizing Data Access and Analysis

At PTP, we extend our support for Amazon Omics, an AWS solution designed specifically to accelerate large-scale genomics research in the cloud. This service can process your genomics data and give you the ability to run highly complex bioinformatics workflows with previously unheard-of ease.

We also assist clients in creating their data query capabilities using AWS Athena, thereby enabling a transformation of your data into a Data Lake. With this, you can store all your structured and unstructured data at any scale and run different types of analytics – from dashboards and visualizations to big data processing, real-time analytics, and machine learning to guide better decisions. Coupled with Gigabase storage and other data storage methods, it creates an efficient platform for interacting with your research data.



Consideration 5: Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) Solutions – Standardizing Data and Encouraging Collaboration

In the world of biotech, real-time data standardization and collaboration hold immense importance and value: that’s why we offer support for various ELN solutions like Benchling and Dotmatics. ELNs can help streamline the documentation of your experiments, manage your lab inventory more effectively, and encourage collaboration amongst your researchers. The solutions also allow us to ensure efficient data standardization, boosting the integrity and reproducibility of your data.



Consideration 6: Custom Solutions for Collaborations and CROs – Tailoring to Unique Needs

Recognizing that each collaboration or CRO comes with unique requirements, we extend our support for customizable solutions. The PTP team set up instances that interact directly with specific clients on their specific data, thereby creating a secure, siloed environment for each client – this personalized approach ensures the specific needs of each research collaboration are met without compromising the confidentiality and integrity of the data.


Consideration 7: Documentation and Infrastructure as Code – Ensuring Smooth Scaling

To ensure the smooth scaling of your organization, we propagate the early adoption of Infrastructure as Code (IaC). When we treat your infrastructure as code, we create robust, transparent, and easily reproducible systems that are ready and able to grow with you. This approach prevents costly and time-consuming infrastructure issues down the line and ensures your research remains valid, irrespective of your scale of operation.

In a nutshell, PTP offers a comprehensive, secure, and futuristic solution to expedite and validate your biotech research. As you embrace our robust infrastructure and leverage the unparalleled power of AWS, you’ll not only be accelerating your research but also be primed to secure your next round of funding.

Let’s venture into this exciting journey together – after all, in the world of science, there’s no time to lose!


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