PTP and CloudCheckr hosted a 1.5 hour, roll-up-your-sleeves dive into several areas of the cloud management platform that our experts have determined give you and your business benefit, but are frequently under-utilized.  This on-demand training session was led by Jarrett Plante, Technical Account Manager for CloudCheckr and Hong Pun, Cloud Architect for PTP.

The team reviewed:

  • Overview of critical cloud management features
    • Customized and automated Best Practice Checks
    • Cost Savings Report
    • Advanced Grouping Report (Saved filters & automated emails)
    • Right Sizing
    • Tag Mapping
    • Custom tags for Dashboards and Advanced Grouping
  • Training Modules
    • Cloud Environment Health Monitoring
    • Creating notifications
    • Automating responses to best practice checks
    • Granular Cost Analyses
    • Detailed saved filters for investigation
    • Create automated reports
    • Resource Utilization Confidence
    • Evaluate RI utilization
    • Custom Tags
    • Mapping of Custom Tags to CloudCheckr
    • Low Hanging Fruit Cost Optimization


Additional Training:  The value of a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE)

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