If you missed our recent Panel Discussion about accelerating cloud adoption and improving the business impact by leveraging a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE), you are in luck!  This highlight video has all the key points that were discussed by our panelists from PTP and CloudCheckr.  The team of panelists discussed cloud adoption, accountability, the application for both small and large companies, cloud-first organizations as well as the value of a Cloud Center of Excellence in cloud migrations.  Additionally, the team discussed challenges and failures and how the CCoE can help avoid these common missteps.

See the full length Panel Discussion HERE!
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Panel Discussion Participants:
  • Gary Derheim | PTP – Moderator
  • Mike McElaney | PTP – Panelist
  • Hong Pun | PTP – Panelist
  • Eric Zimmerman | CloudCheckr – Panelist


White Paper:  A Blueprint to Successful Cloud Adoption

Cloud Center of Excellence White Paper on Successful Cloud Adoption

A center of excellence (CoE) is a team of executives, who lead the introduction of new capabilities into an organization—typically through new skills, technology, working practices or services. It will champion the transformation process, providing guidance, support and training to employees throughout the transition and ensuring everyone is on-board and pulling in same direction. The team will also aim to achieve economies of scale by eliminating duplication of workload and resources. It will set goals and priorities, such as target efficiencies, governance objectives, increased agility, new revenue opportunities and project deadlines. It will be responsible for introducing new structures or frameworks, standardizing processes, managing disruption and overcoming barriers to adoption. And, lastly, a CoE will review and iterate throughout the change process, striving for continual improvement in line with business objectives.

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