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– Reserved Instances On-Demand Webinar Event –

It is one thing to have the visibility into recommendations for reserved instances, right sizing and idle resources, it is another to put that into action to realize savings. Learn from experts from PTP, Spot and Cloudcheckr as they discuss the elements of a full-stack cloud management platform, how to gain the visibility you need and how to automate the reserved instance savings without any hassle. PTP leverages both CloudCheckr and Spot as part of our cloud management platform and this team will discuss the challenges CFOs face leveraging dynamic cloud environments and how these tools provide an effective solution with minimal involvement.


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Why is resource tagging in AWS important?


AWS High Performance Compute for Genomics Workloads Blog

Blog Highlight:

By leveraging AWS Auto Scaling, the PTP team added configurations that kept a heartbeat HPC cluster, a sliver of the always-on cost, allowing for scaling and expansion when needed. This work resulted in a 70% cost reduction for the overall operations of the HPC for the genomics workloads with zero impact to performance. The next step in this process was to conduct an AWS Well Architected Review (WAR) with the tools platform from PTP partner nOps. This work analyzes the overall AWS environment against the 6 pillars of the AWS Well Architected Framework: Operational Excellence, Performance Efficiency, Security, Cost-Optimization, Reliability and recently added Sustainability.

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