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Aaron Jeskey, Sr. Cloud Architect of PTP sits with Jon Myer of Myer Media to deconstruct High Performance Computing, HPC, and how it can accelerate pipeline workflows in AWS.  Great conversation between Jon and Aaron getting under the hood of HPC what PTP is doing for our life sciences customers.  [Details on timeline below]


⌚️ Timeline
0:00 Introduction
2:57 Mad Scientist
3:32 How is PTP helping customers
3:38 Define HPC
5:22 PTP engagement
5:32 14th member of Lifesciences in Americas
6:18 PTP
10:53 Engagement with Customers
11:37 Customer Case Study
14:11 Walk me through the environment and process
15:48 Security controls
17:39 Straightforward approach
18:03 PTP Trusted Advisor of Lifescience
19:32 Really understanding the business needs
19:59 Long-term relationship building
20:39 Skills
22:48 Specific Certifications to an area and helping customers
27:48 Helping customers in capacity planning?
28:36 Who’s managing the overall environment?
32:22 Growing in data migration


HPC Case Study with Adaptive Phage


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