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Managing costs in the cloud is critical.  AWS provides incredible opportunity to accelerate the speed of business, but the proper oversight into costs and methods to manage those costs are important but also complex.  AWS has several programs such as the AWS Cost Savings Plan that can lower usage costs in exchange for commitments or pre-purchase.  For companies that are not willing or able to make that commitment, PTP has an incredible new offer, the PTP Zero Risk RI Rebate Program.  In this edition of the Infinite Innovation Interview series, Gary Derheim talks with Ethan Simmons, PTP’s Managing Partner, about the details of the program, the requirements and what our customers can expect to save.  You’ll be glad you watched!



Zero Risk RI Rebate Program Details

  • No Upfront Costs – PTP will take on all of the upfront RI costs
  • Optimization – PTP will actively manage RI usage. The target is (70%+ RI coverage and 90%+) RI utilization across EC2, RDS, and RedShift.
  • No Risk – PTP will take on the RI cost and management on your behalf.
  • No Long-Term Commitment – We only request a 60-day notification before cancellation. 30 days is required.
Below is the logic our team applies when considering RIs for original purchase:
1. Scan Account Environment
2. AI tool will identify RI opportunities
3. Scan AWS Marketplace for RI offers first, and compare them with RIs sold by AWS directly for discount benefits
4. AI Tool will compare the risk/discount benefit of purchasing partial, no upfront, and full upfront RIs and Marketplace vs. AWS direct.
5. Purchase (partial term) RIs from AWS Marketplace first
6. Purchase the rest of RIs directly from AWS (either no upfront, partial upfront, or fully upfront)

Program Assumptions

  • PTP will split the PTP proceeds of the RI savings 50/50 with our client.
  • Your quarterly rebate will be applied to your AWS bill from PTP in the following months: February, May, August, November.
  • You agree that you will not purchase/sell/exchange any RIs and that PTP will be the sole manager of your RI inventory.
  • You agree that in the event of a planned usage decline of 15% over the previous month, you shall provide PTP with a 30-day notice of the expected decline.

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