In a long list of cloud blunders that we have helped our clients overcome, the situation below is what we call the “Cloud Boomerang Effect.” It’s avoidable, if you take the right steps.

We’ve witnessed many companies that move workloads and storage to public cloud providers without a plan for how they are going to have visibility into their cloud environment. Companies are functioning in the public cloud like it is the Wild West, with little regard for governance, security or cost controls. We often get engaged late, when things are at the breaking point and the IT team is considering bringing their workloads back on-prem. This return to on-prem has been coined the “Cloud Boomerang Effect.”

The companies I’m describing did not treat their cloud environment with the same care that they used for their on-prem data center. When we’re discussing with them how they got to that point, the recurring theme is that they didn’t fully understand the AWS shared responsibility model and/or they did not realize that the tools they needed to help govern their environments even existed.

Our PeakPlus CONTROL for Cloud services provides companies that are looking to move to AWS/Azure/GCP, the governance, security, and cost controls that are needed to effectively run their IT infrastructure in the public cloud. PeakPlus offers tiered levels of service. At the core of our offer is our governance platform. This provides the real-time resource management, security, and best practice checks that are critical to keeping your cloud infrastructure running properly. Our platform is also constantly monitoring resource usage to protect against costly mis-configured services, underused resources, and even suggestions on better resources that could be taken advantage of to improve the overall operational efficiency of your public cloud resources.

The next layer of PeakPlus Services includes our 7x24x365 NOC and SOC technical resources to assist with configuration and management. We then provide detailed reports and recommendations on improvements that could be instituted to further improve your public cloud environment.

On average we are seeing that our clients waste 15%-30% of their monthly cloud spend due to poor management of their cloud services. In a recent article we noted that there will be over $12B in wasted cloud spend this year.

Don’t become a victim of this phenomenon and see your cloud initiatives die because you don’t have the right partner and tools to give you the visibility that you need to be the master of your cloud. The Cloud Boomerang Effect isn’t just an impact to your cloud; it becomes an enormous waste of precious IT resources that should be better spent accelerating your business, not slowing it down.

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