Originally broadcast Thursday, August 19, 2021, PTP led a panel of experts to discuss Crafting a Plan to Combat Ransomware.  Moderated by Gary Derheim of PTP, the panel included Chris Jordan of Fluency Security, Adam Johnson and Kirby Kaylor from Carbonite, and Rick Pitcairn of PTP.  The panelists outlined the rise of ransomware, the new methods and variants, such as Ransomware as a Service and then outlined the logical steps to create a living plan to mitigate the risk.  Watch the HIGHLIGHTs of the panel discussion below!

Notable Facts, Figures and Comments on Ransomware

  • In the last 2 years, the average downtime from ransomware has been 16.2 days and the average ransom paid has been $84,000.
  • Home (remote) user targets are up over 3,000%.
  • Our adversaries are patient, waiting until retention policies have passed to create maximum opportunity for damage and ransom.
  • Plan Elements
    • Leverage an industry security framework such as NIST
    • Inventory of Information, Data and Environment
    • Leverage Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) technology for user behavioral analysis
    • 6 Step Data Backup
      • Automatic
      • Off-site
      • Immutable (cannot be changed)
      • Granular policies
      •  Point in Time
      • Flexible
    • Iterative, living plan always adapting to current and future threats
    • End-User Awareness training
    • Vulnerability Management



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