In this installment of the AWS YouTube series, This Is My Architecture, Bob Pease, Director of Engineering at CloudCheckr, explains how they built a flexible, scalable solution on AWS that leverages Windows Server on EC2, RDS for SQL Server, IAM, and S3.

CloudCheckr’s cloud management platform enables enterprises and service providers to save money, reduce risk, and ensure governance at scale with 500+ best practice checks covering cost management, right-sizing, security & compliance, and more. You’ll see how they run SQL Server at scale on Amazon RDS — over 300 instances, with over 550 TB of allocated storage and over 30k active daily DB connections. You’ll also learn how IAM cross-account roles and fine-grained permissions to enhance security and give customers control over what data they share.

AWS provides an incredible breadth of solutions for the development, delivery, and management of information. Solutions like CloudCheckr can enhance your environment. This video shows how, along with a fascinating illustration of Cloudcheckr’s own environment in AWS.

Every day at Pinnacle, we are showing customers better ways to optimize their Cloud, and we are proud to partner with both AWS and CloudCheckr to deliver the best solutions to our clients.

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