Accelerating Biotech Treatment Development with Amazon Omics

Biotechnology organizations are challenged with numerous lab systems and applications that create large amounts of data to be moved into data lakes and then run through complex workflows for informatics.  Scientists, Informaticians and IT worked together to build unique solutions to solve their issues, but this is not an efficient process.  At re:Invent in November of 2022, AWS released Amazon Omics to solve many of those problems.  This on-demand webinar reviewed these challenges, the solution, how to deploy and what impact you can expect.
  • Why AWS developed Amazon Omics – what are the challenges in the industry that led to this investment?
  • What is Amazon Omics?
  • How would a biotech firm who is currently leveraging AWS start to adopt the features of Amazon Omics?
  • What benefits could biotech firms see from the adoption?
  • How companies like PTP can assist in the adoption and ongoing management of AWS environments leveraging Amazon Omics to drive treatments and therapies.




Lee Pang, Principal Bioinformatics Architect, AWS

Lee is a Principal Bioinformatics Architect with the Health AI services team at AWS. He has a PhD in Bioengineering and over a decade of hands-on experience as a practicing research scientist and software engineer in bioinformatics, computational systems biology, and data science developing tools ranging from high throughput pipelines for *omics data processing to compliant software for clinical data capture and analysis.


Aaron Jeskey, Sr. Cloud Architect, PTP


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