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Artificial Intelligence + Information Technology Operations = AIOps.

What is AIOps?  How is it used?  What is involved and how do you benefit from AIOps?   All of this is explained in this Panel Discussion highlight video. Experts in IT operations and Managed Services from PTP were joined by experts from OpsRamp to discuss this impactful technology and outline how you can extract value for your organization.


Prior to the days of advanced IT monitoring and management, organizations were forced to deal with thousands of unnecessary alerts.  The costs for operations swelled due to hiring needs to deal with the volume.  However, this additional cost did not necessarily lead to improved service levels.  With more intelligent platforms using AIOps, the majority of this work can be automated resulting in lower cost and better service.

Topology Based Event Correlation

Correlate the context of hybrid infrastructure resources and IT service dependencies so that you can shift from resource-level monitoring to service-level management. OpsRamp’s service maps and topology explorer help you isolate and fix issues for critical IT services through clear visualizations of application and infrastructure dependencies.

Clustering Based Event Correlation

Identify and correlate alerts that share similar alert properties or event attributes such as subject, alert metric, alert source, host name, IP address and device type. OpsQ helps you cut down on large volumes of false alerts and quickly take action with the right alert prioritization.

Co-Occurrence Based Event Correlation

Co-occurrence helps you group alerts based on the historical patterns of specific alert sequences. OpsQ applies machine learning algorithms to learn existing alert sequences, discover hidden connections and reduce alert fatigue with pattern recognition and detection.

How To Get Started?

PTP’s Managed Services team monitors thousands of cloud, network and security systems for dozens of customers.  Our team has expertise in IT Operations inclusive of monitoring, alert management, incident management and AIOps.  Reach out to us for a free consultation and we will show you the power of the platform we use and how it helps us reduce operations cost and improve the quality of our customers’ IT.

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