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PTP is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with MontyCloud as a foundation for its Amazon Web Services (AWS) Well Architected Framework Review and Cloud Operations practices through the MontyCloud Platform. By combining PTP’s AWS Well Architected proficiency with MontyCloud’s automation capabilities, the collaboration aims to accelerate time-to-value for PTP’s customers.  MontyCloud, an AWS Cloud Operations, AWS Built-In, and Well-Architected partner, offers an autonomous CloudOps platform that simplifies and accelerates the adoption of AWS.

While analyzing customer environments across the Well Architected pillars has been effective, PTP seeks to improve data presentation to customers in addition to delivering the seamless creation of project items for remediation.  Through the partnership with MontyCloud, PTP is augmenting its Well-Architected practice through:

  • Enhanced Visibility: MontyCloud provides comprehensive reports on an environment’s compliance with Well-Architected standards, empowering organizations to make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.
  • Prioritization and Remediation: Prioritize WAFR findings based on their impact and remediate immediately using out-of-the-box automation
  • Automated Routine Tasks: MontyCloud automates various WAFR best practices, allowing teams to focus on more strategic, high-value initiatives.

Ethan Simmons, Managing Partner of PTP, shared, “By leveraging MontyCloud’s platform we have a method of automating the provisioning of customer environments along with ensuring deployment reliability.  We can deliver services to our clients that allow IT to provide biotechnology scientists and researchers a way to deploy AWS resources so they can complete their critical work, but in a controlled and managed environment.”

“MontyCloud is thrilled to be partnering with PTP,” said Alana Fitts, Director of Alliances at MontyCloud, “PTP’s expertise and innovation in biotechnology solutions on AWS paired with MontyCloud’s automation means that customers can bring life-saving treatments to market even faster.”


PTP Well Architected Reviews Are Available on the AWS Marketplace!


About PTP
PTP is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Tier Services Partner, AWS Life Sciences Competency Partner, Well Architected Competency Partner and Level 1 MSSP Competency Partner, providing strategic guidance and support to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. PTP’s team of experts is dedicated to helping clients navigate the complexities of drug discovery and development, ensuring the delivery of innovative treatments to patients worldwide leveraging the capabilities of AWS.

About MontyCloud
MontyCloud Inc. was founded with the fundamental principle of transforming teams into cloud powerhouses. The MontyCloud DAY2 platform is a no-code cloud management solution that simplifies CloudOps, without having to add additional IT resources. With MontyCloud DAY2, IT teams can enable self-service consumption, standardize deployments, optimize cloud costs, deliver granular governance, reduce security & compliance issues, and automate incident management.

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