Technology, much like a new car, needs to be test-driven and vetted before you commit. So, we took Fluency for a spin and did the comps. And it came out a winner in our book.

A large number of our customers still have simple protection technologies in place, but have very little in the way of analytics, monitoring or data review. This equates to putting locks on windows and doors, but not seeing who is trying to break into the house.

You don’t have to spend big bucks to get valuable security insights. Security analysis and orchestration are no longer upscale, big-budget tools available only to the Fortune 500.

Enter Fluency, which we put to the test in our own SOC as a value-added service for our Managed Security clients.

The beauty of this tool is not just in its cost-effectiveness. We are now able to comprehensively look at our customers’ security postures. It “lives” next to the older technologies that many of our customers still use, which is a hybrid approach that we embrace. But, especially when combined with managed security professionals and process, it can deliver enormous value in its automation and AI-driven decision making, which allows us to quickly extract large amounts of data.

When we put all this information in front of our security analysts—who really know our customers’ businesses, their risks, and the way they behave—we are able to make high-quality security decisions based on Fluency’s capability to bring together information from a whole host of tools.

The time-savings has been a huge asset to both us and our customers. The information that we are receiving from Fluency contains far more data points, which saves us a lot of time doing exhaustive searches and pulling data logs. Plus, it allows us to provide more than just alerts, but also actual insight.

We are always looking for the proverbial “needle in a haystack,” and older, more signature-based tools just simply miss things. With Fluency, we are able to spot a potential problem immediately, and we see indicators of compromise that me might not have otherwise spotted, or would have spotted later in the process. It’s a powerful combination of efficiency and timeliness that allows us to preempt malicious activities that might have gone undetected.

What we end up with is cleaner data. That ratio of system-created incidents to actionable incidents—those that we have to escalate to our customers—is much lower with Fluency than they are with a traditional SIEM. Basically, our “false positives” are dramatically reduced.

We’ve seen a lot of protection technologies that have very little in the way of analytics, monitoring or review of data. We also see an ever-growing demand for automated and AI security tools. Fluency’s capabilities have allowed us to bridge the gap between just plain monitoring, and deeper, richer analytics and intelligence. And it does this extremely efficiently.

For an economical, but robust, solution, ask us about taking Fluency for a drive. You’ll be impressed with its performance!

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