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This is a quick-hit update to our blog post from October 2018. At that time we took time to educate our prospects and clients in the China trade war and that the the proposed tariffs would have a serious impact on IT budgets. We successfully helped many of our clients mitigate the impact of the initial 10% tariffs that was levied on IT equipment manufactured in China. We also warned that an additional 15% tariff was on the horizon if trade negotiations did not come to some type of a trade deal. Unfortunately, no resolution is in sight and the USA has decided to move forward on its promise to impose the additional 15% tariff on IT equipment manufactured in China. We have helped some of our clients pull forward IT equipment purchases to avoid the recently announced increases. For a few of our clients there is a very short window to act.

The real winner in this situation is going to be the cloud providers. As hardware cost increase and business look for ways to have more predictable IT costs, the cloud becomes a more attractive alternative. With the right cloud governance tools in place business are realizing that the cloud providers are a more business friendly IT partner that than the legacy hardware vendors. The major US based cloud providers are eager to earn your business and will get very creative to earn your business. PTP was purpose built to help business with their cloud initiatives. PTP can be your GPS for getting your business to the cloud efficiently and safely.

Let’s talk now about evaluating public cloud solutions to solve your business needs and put you back in control of your IT destiny.

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