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Effective security depends on total visibility.

PTP’s PeakPlus SECURE services, powered by Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud, delivers an industry-leading multi-cloud security threat platform coupled with expert security personnel and processes.
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The Challenge

Organizations have already invested significant resources into IT security infrastructure and, yet threats are finding ways to get through. Even more challenging, the average time to detect a breach is 206 days according to the 2019 Ponemon report.

Lack of visibility is a function of the growing network complexity as well as the constantly evolving threats. Security teams with their limited resources and disjointed tools can only do so much. We all have security solutions, such as firewalls, but how do we know those are working, managed, and configured properly? How do we know these tools are doing the job that we need them to do?

PTP’s Managed Stealthwatch Cloud

Expert Security Resources:  PTP’s team of security industry veterans provides the platform management, optimization, incident triage, threat hunting and intelligent escalation to facilitate event remediation before there is any data loss.

Ubiquitous Visibility:  Stealthwatch ingests and analyzes telemetry from multiple network devices such as routers, switches and firewalls. It also natively collects telemetry from the public cloud infrastructure. Stealthwatch uses entity modeling to classify all the devices or entities connected to the network such as servers, printers, etc. to efficiently determine normal behavior of these entities so it can alarm on any anomalies.

Predictive Threat Analysis:

  • Stealthwatch constantly observes network activities to create a baseline of normal behavior, and alarms on any anomalies. It also has knowledge of known bad behavior that it alarms on.
  • Stealthwatch uses global threat intelligence to correlate local threats globally, and thwart attackers’ rinse-and-repeat tactics.

Automated Detection: Stealthwatch creates alarms that are prioritized by threat severity and have additional information to take actions easily. No need to analyze large amounts of data in order to detect and investigate incidents.

Stealthwatch Cloud At a Glance

Click to view the Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud At a Glance report.

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