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A customizable and scalable solution, PTP’s SOC Service, or socs security, combines next-generation SIEM technology via Fluency Security with expert resources, mature processes and automation to deliver a highly-engaged security monitoring and escalation service that also addresses logging and compliance needs.

60 Day SOC Services Proof of Concept

SOC Services

PTP’s team of cybersecurity experts plus the Fluency technology offers a complete approach SOC Services approach. We collect network data, including SD-WAN, cloud service data, like Office365 and G-Suite, and endpoint detection and response (EDR). Additionally, Fluency normalizes, error checks, validates, and fuses data. Then it runs behavior analytics and machine learning to find gaps in coverage between signatures and threat intelligence feeds. Finally, automated workflows empower automated and supervised PTP responses improving operations efficiency and dwell time reduction. PTP, our tools and our security process will do the heavy lifting 24x7x365. Leave the dirty work to us and we’ll escalate to you only when issues have been validated.

SOC Services = socs security

Fluency Dashboard

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Security Resources

Secured Cloud Services Case Study: Cisco ASAv + AWS

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The Fallacy of the 24×7 SOC

The security industry has trained customers to ask for and talk about the 24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC). For the majority of organizations, that's barking up the wrong tree.

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