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End User Help Desk

Your scientists in the lab, bioinformaticians and all administrative staff need to be productiveSometimes issues with many moving parts of Information Technology arise and your team needs their problem addressed quickly by a knowledgeable support technicianPTP’s Help Desk Support team, working both remote and on-site, has expertise in the unique realm of life sciences, understands the need to service the end-user and has the technical competency to get the job done right, the first timeWe measure first-time-resolution, our time-to-respond and most importantly, our customer’s satisfactionWith service delivery models flexible to meet a variety of needs, PTP has the answer for End-User Help Desk.  

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Why PTP’s PeakPlus RESOLVE Help Desk?

As a biomedical research lab, you rely heavily on the productivity of your scientists, bioinformaticians, and administrative staff to achieve your goals. However, it’s not uncommon for complex IT issues to arise, which can cause significant disruptions to your team’s work. This is where PTP’s Help Desk Support team can help.

Our team of expert technicians is dedicated to providing fast and efficient solutions to any IT problems that may arise in your lab. With a focus on the unique needs of the life sciences industry, we understand the importance of servicing the end-user and providing technical expertise to get the job done right the first time.

At PTP, we place great emphasis on measuring our performance metrics such as first-time resolution, our time-to-respond, and most importantly, our customer’s satisfaction. We strive to provide flexible service delivery models that can meet a variety of needs, ensuring that we can cater to your specific requirements.

Overall, our End-User Help Desk service is designed to help your lab maintain its productivity by providing expert IT support that is tailored to the unique demands of the life sciences industry.

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