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Worldwide Spending on Security Solutions Forecast to Reach $91 Billion in 2018, According to a New IDC Spending Guide

Managed security services (single-tenant solutions operated by third-party providers and residing on the customers’ premises) will be the largest technology category in 2018 with firms spending nearly $18 billion for these services. In addition, managed security services will be the largest category of spending for each of the top five industries this year. The second largest technology category in 2018 will be network security hardware, followed by integration services and endpoint security software. The technology categories that will see the fastest spending growth over the forecast will be managed security services (14.7% CAGR), network security hardware (11.3% CAGR), security and vulnerability management software (10.9% CAGR), and network security software (10.7% CAGR).

Pinnacle Technology Partners is poised for substantial growth in its Managed Services offerings, including Managed Security through its PeakPlus SECURE offering. The company has made significant investments in the sales, delivery, and support of Cisco and other technologies to provide proactive monitoring, management, threat detection and remediation, of clients’ network and security and cloud infrastructures.

With a 24x7x265 NOC; a staff of ITIL® Foundation-trained CCNAs, CCNPs and CCIEs; dozens of enterprise clients; and new technology certifications, Pinnacle is ready to meet increasing customer demand for Managed Services. For more information on the PeakPlus Suite of services, please contact Gary Derheim.

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