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Exciting news for all scientists and informaticians! Our team has brought together the ultimate platform of tools to maximize your investment in information technology, whether it’s on-prem or in the cloud. Our experts have fine-tuned these tools to provide all the information you need to operate your environment, with clear and accessible dashboards and detailed reporting. And the best part? You have full access to the platform to work in the tools, and you’ll always have full transparency. We’ve got everything you need to optimize and manage your environment, from OpsRamp for IT Operations Management, Cherwell for IT Service Management, CloudCheckr for Cloud Optimization, the PeakPlus View portal, and other integrated point tools for visibility and security. Trust us to keep you ahead of the game!

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Why Use The PeakPlus Managed Services Platform?

By using PTP’s platform of tools, scientists and informaticians can streamline their information technology infrastructure and improve overall efficiency. The team of Managed Services experts have customised these tools to deliver crucial data through comprehensive dashboards and reporting. With full access to the platform and transparency from our team, you can have a clear understanding of your IT operations and make informed decisions. The integrated tools, including OpsRamp, Cherwell, CloudCheckr, and the PeakPlus View portal, provide a comprehensive solution for ITOM, ITSM, cloud optimization and management, and security visibility. Trust PTP to enhance your technology infrastructure and drive success in your field.

What Is In The PeakPlus Managed Service Platform?

PTP’s platform is comprised of a suite of tools designed to enhance the investment in information technology infrastructure for our customers. This platform includes OpsRamp for IT Operations Management (ITOM), Cherwell for IT Service Management (ITSM), CloudCheckr for Cloud Optimization and Management, the PeakPlus View portal, as well as other integrated point tools for increased visibility and security. Our team of seasoned Managed Services experts have optimized these tools to deliver crucial information to customers, accessible through detailed and executive reporting and dashboards. With full access offered to customers, PTP is transparent in our approach and dedicated to enabling the efficient operation of their technology environment.

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