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Clients were increasingly spinning up workloads and resources in the cloud and on-premises. PTP really needed visibility and to “keep their eyes on the ball” to make sure they understood what was in their customers’ environments and how everything was performing. They needed to know what had changed in a customer’s infrastructure and how PTP could manage it from a support perspective. Lastly, PTP needed to know they were responding to incidents quickly and correctly, managing the infrastructure efficiently, and adding value in supporting their customers.

“PTP wanted to enhance efficiencies and needed a single solution that could manage and monitor its diverse network and data center equipment, on-prem and in the cloud, architected effectively for multi-tenancy and customizable by the client, location, and device.”

Gary Derheim

Vice President, Marketing and Business Development


To address these challenges, PTP selected the OpsRamp platform to replace their legacy IT Operations Management (ITOM) solution, and PTP has now been using the OpsRamp solution for eight years. By implementing OpsRamp’s modern ITOM solution and leveraging the benefits of AIOps to improve service delivery to its clients, PTP can holistically monitor and manage on-premises network and data center infrastructures, as well as cloud resources and virtual firewalls.

The OpsRamp platform has also enabled PTP to consolidate and reduce alert floods through its powerful AIOps and intelligent automation capabilities. OpsRamp’s intelligent automation and custom monitoring templates allowed PTP to reduce alert noise and respond only to real events that required a support response. This reduced PTP’s mean time to repair and allowed it to scale more effectively, adding more resources to support its customers.

“With a platform like OpsRamp, it’s allowed us to create that single pane of glass, have visibility across all of our customers’ infrastructures from a tenancy perspective and really be able to customize and manage them as if [PTP] were an extension of their team.”

Rick Pitcairn

Vice President, Managed Services

“Rick and I had experience with enterprise class tools like Spectrum from CA as well as lower-level monitoring tools. Our goal was enterprise-class capabilities delivered in a SaaS model where we could focus on our clients.”

Gary Derheim

Vice President, Marketing and Business Development

Top Reasons Why PTP Selected OpsRamp

  • Multi-tenancy
  • Dashboard visibility to PTP and its customers
  • Customization of monitoring templates
  • Ability to correlate alerts so PTP’s NOC wasn’t overwhelmed by the downstream alerts
  • Automated reporting that is consistent and accurate
  • Integration into PTP’s ITSM system for automated ticket opening and closing
  • Secure access to PTP client environments and audit tracking for transparency

Path Forward

PTP is delivering differentiated and highly valued managed services to clients and as a result, is growing rapidly. OpsRamp helps PTP scale by automating much of the high-volume IT operations work that is increasing, allowing them to engage closely with customers to resolve critical issues and stay forward-looking for ongoing improvements.

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