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Managed Security Services

At PTP’s PeakPlus, we believe that the heart of progress lies in ensuring data security while driving business aspirations forward. Our managed security services are a testament to this ethos. They encompass a blend of top-tier tools, seasoned security technologists, and a steadfast operational approach. Our objective? Bridging the gaps in our customers’ operational support structures to fortify their digital realms.

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Managed Security

The cybersecurity realm is perpetually evolving, making skilled experts a rare and invaluable asset. Many expanding enterprises often find that hiring full-time security specialists may not be the most economical or efficient approach. Instead, the optimal strategy frequently involves harnessing the expertise of Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs). These providers offer a potent blend of certified engineers and cutting-edge security technology. PTP’s PeakPlus isn’t just another MSSP. Our team delves deep into the intricacies of the technology, industry nuances, and the pivotal compliance facets that our customers need to navigate.

Managed Security Services

  • Managed Security Infrastructure: A robust foundation, ensuring unyielding protection against potential vulnerabilities.
  • XDR and SOC Services: Extended Detection and Response combined with Security Operations Centers for real-time threat intelligence and response.
  • Security Engineering: Crafting bespoke security solutions tailored to specific enterprise needs.
  • Vulnerability Management: A proactive approach to detecting, analyzing, and mitigating potential system vulnerabilities.
  • Cloud Security: Safeguarding data in the cloud realm, ensuring integrity, accessibility, and confidentiality.

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Managed Security Resources

The Fallacy of the 24×7 SOC

The security industry has trained customers to ask for and talk about the 24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC). For the majority of organizations, that's barking up the wrong tree.

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Decoding the NIST Cybersecurity Framework with AWS

IDENTIFY > PROTECT > DETECT > RESPOND > RECOVER. These are the five key functions of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. At PTP, we leverage the Framework as a vehicle to discuss the layered approach to security with our growing Amazon Web Services (AWS)...

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Capital One Breach Reaction: You Can Secure Data in AWS!

The recent announcement on the Capital One breach that affected over 100 million people (good detail from Krebs on Security here) is compelling for a number of reasons. One, it was related to data on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, which cloud nay-sayers will use...

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