The Challenge

Precision Health Software (PHS) has a long history of providing a wide range of Life Sciences IT services to their clients, enabling them to perform genome editing, personalized medicine, patient care, pharmaceuticals and biotech. Traditionally they have used colocation or other private cloud providers to host the SaaS applications that they offer. To meet the demands of their customers, PHS needed a way to offer greater scalability and more flexibility for different deployment models while providing the proper Healthcare Life Sciences (HCLS) regulatory compliance.

For this specific engagement, PHS needed to create an environment for the hosting of a bioanalysis Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). LIMS is software that allows researchers to effectively manage samples and associated data used, in this case, for pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic drug discovery. PHS has several Life Sciences (LS) clients that are demanding more flexible consumption models for LIMS solutions and wished to develop scalable, secure, fully managed, cloud environment that could be easily replicated as PHS added new research clients.

The Solution

PHS chose to partner with PTP, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Consulting Partner, in order to design build and manage a LS environment capable of delivering their LIMS as a SaaS offering to their LS research clients. PHS’s clients are dealing with increasingly large data sets that require vast amounts of storage and faster compute to effectively perform their research. PTP and PHS worked together to design and implement a highly scalable and secure AWS environment, that is fully managed by PTP’s PeakPlus Control for Cloud service, allowing PHS to focus on helping customers leverage the LIMS application without worrying about the underlying IT infrastructure. PTP’s governance and compliance platform allows PHS to have full control of the SaaS environments while mitigating data breach and permission risks.


PHS is now able to offer their LIMS SaaS service with the performance and scalability required by the varying needs of each unique research facility to which they offer services. In return these research facilities are able to utilize a LIMS solution in a CAPEX-free, affordable consumption model that enables them to find potentially lifesaving drugs. The deployment phase of the LIMS solution was reduced from 60 days to 5 days by leveraging AWS services. With PTP’s PeakPlus Control for Cloud services, security and compliance standards and practices for LS intuitions are built into our cloud governance dashboard and aligned with the major regulatory framework requirements, such as HIPAA. PHS can provide HIPAA compliance reports to their SaaS clients in real-time compared to weeks with their previous processes.

With PTP’s partnership, PHS now provides a scalable, secure, SaaS environment to their clients that is actively monitored and managed to insure LS regulatory compliance. By focusing on creating LS solutions for biopharma research organizations, and by partnering with healthcare technology experts like PTP, PHS has been able to decrease the cost of their solution and accelerate the time to deployment and production. PHS clients have realized an increase in productivity and quality of research by having an efficient and secure laboratory information management system at a reasonable cost.

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