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AMAG is a pharmaceutical company focused on bringing innovative products to patients with unmet medical needs.

Headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, AMAG develops and delivers innovative medicines for complex yet under-treated health conditions across a range of therapeutic areas including anemia, pregnancy complications, women’s sexual function and menopause-related issues. They also work with patients and healthcare experts to break down barriers to care for the communities we serve through focused education and support programs.

AMAG invests in promising therapies at various stages of development and advance them through the clinical and regulatory process to deliver new treatment options to patients.

AMAG needed ERP data measurement, including product analysis, sales resource activity and results, forecasting and forward-looking revenue predictions. AMAG worked with AWS and PTP to provide a real-time data analytics platform available to distributed users with full-time availability.

The Challenge

Previously hosted on on-premises servers, the Tableau analytics environment experienced a number of challenges impacting the AMAG business. As new products were brought on, the data volumes were experiencing rapid growth. Reporting became significantly more complex as the business requirements changed to daily, the data was growing and compliance to HIPAA was a requirement. The number of users that were leveraging the system had also grown.
Lastly, any power issues to the building would impact user access to these critical services. The IT team needed to add capacity to the existing platform to deliver the growing CPU, memory and storage requirements. This would have involved a lengthy corporate procurement process as well as implementation time for IT infrastructure teams. Scaling the on-premises environment to meet these issues had become a business inhibitor and would have been extremely costly.

The Solution

AMAG’s IT team worked directly with the Tableau architecture team and PTP, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Consulting Partner, to present a recommendation to move the environment to AWS. The solution addressed the scalability, performance, time to upgrade, and power-related availability issues the business had experienced as a result of their rapid growth. This also provided improved availability, security, and controls to all users from any location.

PTP and AMAG worked together to design and implement a highly scalable and secure AWS environment that is managed by PTP’s PeakPlus Control for Cloud platform, allowing AMAG to focus on delivering always-available data analytics without worrying about the underlying IT infrastructure. Additionally, PTP’s governance and compliance platform allows AMAG to have full control of the reporting and analytics environment, while mitigating security and HIPAA compliance risks.


AMAG now has 100% uptime availability in AWS, and a solution that can be scaled to meet growth needs in minutes versus hours or days. This has improved AMAG user productivity and overall satisfaction with the service. With the solution in AWS, the ease of creating snapshots and images prior to doing work ensures that if a user needs to revert to earlier versions, it can be accomplished in minutes versus hours, saving time and improving productivity. With PTP’s partnership, AMAG now provides a scalable, highly available reporting and analytics environment that also maintains security and HIPAA compliance requirements.

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