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If you are in the Austin area, please join Pinnacle Technology Partners at InfoSec Southwest in Austin from 4/11 – 4/13.

I’ll be presenting and demonstrating how to extend the value of a Security Information Event Manager (SIEM) through the receipt of traditional and non-traditional data sources.

The SIEM is a widely used technology to store, correlate and create events based on logs received from servers, applications and security protection technologies in the network.

The top-tier SIEM vendors provide support for a large number of devices/technologies, but in almost any environment, there are technologies–critical to log–that are not supported.

I am going to be demonstrating methods to maximize the SIEM’s value to the organization.

Imagine a SIEM that is turned on its head and doing way more than you ever thought it could do!

If you’re not familiar with InfoSec, it’s one of InfoSec Institute’s Top 25 events. This annual information security and hacking conference covers a broad range of general cybersecurity topics through lectures, open forums, and events.

This conference is unique also because ISSW was originally established by the Austin hacker community that saw the need for a local InfoSec conference. The event covers subjects going from very technical topics to hacking culture and social implications.

If you can’t attend, but would like a copy of my presentation, please reach out to me! I’m happy to walk you through it. Just e-mail me at

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