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At PTP, we help unlock the potential of cloud-based solutions for today’s most innovative Life Science companies. We do this in an effort to help our clients in their mission to improve the lives of people through ground-breaking pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and genomic innovations. As an AWS Advanced Tier Partner, we ensure our customers maximize the use of AWS through services specifically designed and delivered to fit their needs. We see ourselves as the force multiplier that is empowering these companies to innovate and achieve lifesaving solutions faster.

PTP impacts our Life Science customers by helping them better leverage the cloud and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) models to better meet the demands of their businesses. These companies require rapid deployment and ease of management, all with data security and compliance requirements. We provide ongoing services, leveraging our own technical experts, a platform of cloud-enabling tools, and a disciplined process, working in concert with our customers’ existing IT teams.

We help our clients navigate the Healthcare and Life Science (HCLS) legal and HIPAA compliance requirements that life sciences organizations face when building cloud-based solutions that store, process, transmit, and analyze protected health information (PHI) in a HIPAA-compliant manner.

These are the typical scenarios that we see when working with Life Sciences customers:

The first area is typically cloud storage for large genomic data sets and/or backup and disaster recovery. Typically, the IT departments of these organizations are not exactly sure if the data they are working with contains PHI data or if HIPAA compliance rules apply. To help them meet the compliance requirements, we have designed and implemented storage and backup solutions utilizing AWS Storage Gateway, AWS S3, AWS Snowball, and Amazon Glacier. In addition to utilizing the AWS HIPAA-eligible services, PTP provides our PeakPlus platform which delivers real-time visibility into compliance and security postures. The PeakPlus platform is ingesting usage and security information from AWS Guard Duty, VPCs, and other sources. The combination of AWS and PTP PeakPlus services provides the compliance and confidence that Life Sciences companies require to increase their adoption of AWS services.

Another common use case for Life Science companies is AWS for genomic and pharmaceutical applications. Organizations utilizing genomic and pharmaceutical SaaS offerings require storage and compute resources that can scale rapidly, driven primarily by the need for data analytics or computational bioinformatics software. PTP has successfully architected, implemented, and delivered SaaS applications to Life Sciences clients using AWS RDS, AWS EC2, and VPC. By delivering these technologies in conjunction with PTP PeakPlus services, PTP provides a comprehensive cloud compliance dashboard, with the security and privacy that Life Sciences companies require to accelerate their adoption of SaaS and public cloud services.

Working with Life Science organizations has given me a new outlook on how I look at the services and solutions that PTP offers our clients. In the past, my kids would ask “what do you do at work?” I would tell them I help companies solve their technology problems. That typically resulted in glazed-over eyes, and then the conversation moved on to what took place at volleyball practice.

At PTP, I tell them that we help companies innovate faster, so they can solve the world’s problems. Now I get some pretty interesting responses from the kids. Can you help companies find ways to save sea turtles? Eliminate plastic straws, or find a cure for cancer?

I answer “yes,” we have clients that are addressing many of the world’s problems and we work hard to help them do it faster.

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