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Imagine if you could take a car off the dealer’s lot and drive it around for a couple weeks, for free, before you have to commit to purchasing it. See how it handles. See how it performs. See how it fits in your garage. The word “free” is seldom associated with anything network and cloud related (or, really, anything, for that matter). But, here you have it: four free “try before you buy” offers that you can test in your environment before you make a decision to purchase.

The following solutions from PTP deliver the security protection and detection demanded by the CISO at the low cost and high value expected by the CFO!

Cisco Umbrella Free Trial
Cisco Umbrella provides the first line of defense against threats on the Internet, wherever users go.

  • Threat protection like no other — block malware, C2 callbacks, and phishing.
  • Predictive intelligence — automates threat protection by uncovering attacks before they launch.
  • Worldwide coverage in minutes — no hardware to install or software to maintain.
  • Weekly security report — get a personalized summary of malicious requests & more, directly to your inbox.
  • 1,000+ users? — You’re eligible for the Umbrella Security Report, a detailed post-trial analysis.

Click HERE for the free Umbrella trial!

Duo Security Free Trial
Duo’s multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution verifies user identities before they can access internal applications. With Duo’s MFA, users can confirm their identities within seconds; reducing security and compliance risks for the organization.

  • Secure all Applications
  • Verify End-User Identities
  • Quickly Deploy
  • Reduce Help Desk Costs

Click HERE for the free Duo trial!

Cloud Security Best Practices – Free Trial
Your cloud environment is dynamic and ever-changing. You establish the appropriate security policies, and need to ensure that your cloud is following those policies, not opening up opportunities for breach. Are your S3 storage buckets private? Are your Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies being followed? Do users have Admin rights? Our job is to make sure you know and fix issues that require remediation.

  • Weekly checks
  • Monthly in-depth reporting
  • Real-time access to our PeakPlus platform with the Cloudcheckr dashboard

Click HERE for a Cloud Security Free Trial!

Security Threat Monitoring – Free Trial
You have endpoint security, firewalls, intrusion prevention and other critical security protection technologies. Now, how do you effectively monitor threats with numbers disparate management dashboards? PTP can help. We insert our monitoring solution, powered by Fluency Security to monitor network flows and correlate logs from all your critical security tools into a single threat management platform, using machine learning to assign risk scores to threats.

Sound difficult? It is. But the PTP team will deliver you the easy button – – we do all the analysis, your job is to engage with us when we validate a security incident.

  • 24×7 Monitoring
  • SOC Services
  • Weekly and Monthly Executive Reporting
  • Bi-weekly meetings to review projects and incidents

Click HERE for a Security Threat Monitoring Free Trial

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