I like Twitter and love bulleted lists. What can I say? There’s just something about relevant information delivered succinctly, well-organized and easy to quickly consume.

I started this blog in normal blog narrative, but then I kept coming back to my bulleted outline. So I’m not sure if this is a give-up or if I’m trail-blazing, perhaps neither.

It is a story about operations, the discipline that is required, that which is often lacking, and the foundational premise for the services our team delivers. Here it goes:

  • I’ve been part of a ton of demos in 20+ years of IT services and consulting

  • Some great, some not.

    • The good ones smoothly exhibit how the technology features either reduce cost or improve service delivery.

    • The bad ones are quickly forgotten.

  • Of the demos that turn into sales or projects, the question of “who is going to manage this?” comes up way too late in the project.

  • The fact is, the majority of the TCO of a technology is post-implementation.

  • With Cloud, there is no upfront cost – – great! But all the cost is operational and the need for management and oversight is even more critical. See Ethan Simmon’s blog here about The Cloud Accounting Dilemma.

  • To execute to these operational elements takes the right tools, quality process, and trained/experienced people. But most of all, it takes DISCIPLINE.

  • At PTP, we spend our days assisting innovative startups and Life Sciences companies how to maximize the power of the AWS cloud to enable and accelerate their business strategy.

    • A large part of our work is awareness and education around the large and growing suite of AWS services that are available and how they apply to our customers’ businesses.

    • The remainder of our effort is around operating, governing and protecting data inside the cloud – – applying needed discipline to a dynamic solution.

  • Our customers are not incapable of cloud management.

    • Their ‘urgent’ often supersedes ‘important’ on their list of tasks to accomplish.

    • With limited resources and time, the team is forced to prioritize and often routine system analysis, health checks and security oversight is underserved.

    • Enter PTP with our PeakPlus services.

  • Our commitment is to bring the required discipline on a daily basis to ensure proper operations of our customers’ cloud environments.

    •  Just like the consistency of airlines with maintenance checks, the pit crew for Formula 1 or NASCAR race teams, or the military with radar and video surveillance, our PTP team is always on, 24x7x365.

    • We leverage platform of tools, ITIL-aligned process, and AWS-certified engineers to ensure the cloud platform is optimized – – both for performance and cost-overruns, all of which are audited from an external 3rd party on a regular basis.

  • Not long ago during a quarterly health check for one of our customers the CIO bluntly stated to us, “I have 99 problems, but you aren’t one of them.” This was followed by a smile and a “thank you”.

    • It was great to hear we were so valued, but that is just one of dozens of priceless comments that I hear routinely from our customers.

    • We know they are busy, we know their business demands their applications and information be available to users, and we know their expectations of us: provide consistent, disciplined services and escalate to them when we identify business-impacting events, and help them rectify those.

  • Our services are delivered in several bundles aimed at filling the gaps our customers have, but allowing them to only pay for what is required. We execute them with defined process by skilled resources with key reviews and updates on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

    • We’d love to share our expertise and services with you, and I’ll be happy to provide a demo.

    • Just know that my demo will not shy away from ongoing operations and the discipline needed for your technology to succeed!

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