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We’ve got clients in all stages of cloud adoption, from the nascent migrators to the “we’re all ins.” Each stage of the journey has its own challenges, and our job is to engineer solutions for each client, at each stage.

The final stage in the cloud journey (if there is such a thing!?) is the company that’s all-in on the cloud, and has invested significantly in AWS, Azure or Google (but for the purposes of this article, we are focusing on AWS).

Here are some common dilemmas that we hear continually from these clients:

  • I am spending a lot more money than I anticipated;
  • I ‘guesstimated’ RIs and I’m not sure if I’m even fully using the bandwidth/space/services I signed up for;
  • I don’t have adequate visibility into my environment, from either the cost or security perspectives;
  • I don’t have any historical context that I can use to plan for the future;
  • I get separate invoices for every cloud service I add, and it’s unmanageable.

It’s kind of like the old adage in advertising: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

So, we set out to find a solution, and did extensive due-diligence with a number of viable solutions and tools, coupled with client feedback.

After “road testing” solutions in actual cloud environments, what we found is that companies are almost always spending more than they need to on cloud services, but they don’t have appropriate visibility into their usage, and, consequently, their spend. Further, because they don’t have full visibility, it’s more challenging to spot any vulnerabilities in their cloud security configurations.

Here’s the proprietary, comprehensive solution that we put together, in collaboration with a few key technology partners: a cost optimization and governance platform and program that:

1) Consolidates clients’ cloud billing and discounting;

2) Provides ongoing metrics and proactively identifies areas in the environment that require attention, both from cost and security perspectives;

3) Is a comprehensive platform that addresses the most “common dilemmas” that we hear.

Teaming with both cloud providers like AWS and technology partners has enabled us to offer a solution that addresses most of clients’ cloud cost control, spend, discounting and governance needs. And we are able to offer it to clients as both an on-premises or managed service solution, via our PeakPlus CONTROL cloud management services.

We are happy to demo this for you! Just contact us.

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