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Thank you to Jon Myer of Myer Media for having Micah Frederick, PTP’s CloudOps Lead Architect, on your podcast! ┬áJon and Micah talked about PTP’s CloudOps customer engagement, what is High Performance Computing, how to accelerate workflow time through parallel computing, automation for resource turn-up and turn-down, the security of data and much more.

High-Performance Computing (Clusters) or HPC within the biotechnology isn’t new. Processing large amounts of data take time and go through numerous processes before it can be analyzed. The key here is “It takes time” from hours to days or even weeks waiting for the output. What if you could simplify the processing pipeline from days to hours, and what if you didn’t have to worry about the infrastructure involved and just the output? ┬áCheck out the conversation with Jon and Micah and learn!



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