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Cloud Security

Safeguarding data in the cloud necessitates a multifaceted, layered approach. This strategy must account for the classification of data, the protection of the hosting environment, the detection of malicious activities, and a prompt response to Indicators of Compromise. It must also plan for the recovery process if breaches do occur.


At PTP, we offer comprehensive cloud security solutions, helping to assess, protect, and detect potential threats, and swiftly respond to breaches before they cause significant damage. We stand as your reliable partner in establishing and maintaining a robust, secure cloud environment.

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Shared Security Model

Understanding the Shared Security Model is essential for any cloud consumer. While the provider is responsible for the security of the cloud itself, the user or customer bears the responsibility for their data security WITHIN the cloud. Our primary goal at PTP is to consult and guide our customers in implementing appropriate security controls. By doing so, we aim to reduce both the costs of security implementation and the risk of potential breaches, ensuring your data remains protected and your operations run smoothly.

Cloud Security Solutions & Services

We provide a comprehensive suite of cloud security solutions and services tailored to fit the unique needs of your business:

  • Cloud Security Assessments: We thoroughly assess your cloud security posture, identifying potential vulnerabilities and recommending strategies to reinforce your defenses.
  • Cloud Security Monitoring: Our continuous monitoring services ensure potential threats are detected early, mitigating the risk of significant damage.
  • Cloud Vulnerability Reporting & Remediation: We not only identify and report potential vulnerabilities, but also help you implement effective remediation strategies to resolve them.

 Trust in PTP’s cloud security services to shield your data from threats, ensuring a secure, reliable, and resilient cloud environment.

Cloud Security Assessment Report Sample

Click to view an example of our Cloud Security Assessment report.

Cloud Security Resources

Cloud Security Case Study – Biotech Firm

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SOAR based Security Monitoring

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Managed Detection and Response (MDR) On-Demand Webinar

Now available on-demand, our deep-dive panel discussion with security industry experts reviewed how PTP’s Managed Detection and Response service, powered by Fluency Security and SentinelOne technologies, provides the security protection and detection growing companies...

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8 Common AWS Security Mistakes and How to Fix Them

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Crafting a Plan to Combat Ransomware

Originally broadcast Thursday, August 19, 2021, PTP led a panel of experts to discuss Crafting a Plan to Combat Ransomware.  Moderated by Gary Derheim of PTP, the panel included Chris Jordan of Fluency Security, Adam Johnson and Kirby Kaylor from Carbonite, and Rick...

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