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Cloud Security: The Forecast for 2022

Our goal is to help organizations hone a solid foundation for understanding the state of the cloud-security threat and how to be better positioned to defend against attacks – both now and in the future.

Inside this eBook

  • Introduction: Cloudy with a Chance of Cyberattack
  • Rethinking Cuber-Defense Strategies in the Public-Cloud Age
    – How to Smooth the Cloudsec Road
    – How to Preventn Cloud Misconfiguration
  • Why XDR Matters in a Cloud-Dominated World
  • Zero-Trust For All: A Practical Guide
    – Zero-Trust Cornerstone Checklist
  • Deep Dive: Protecting Against Container Threats in the Cloud
  • By the Numbers: Security Turbulence in the Cloud
  • Firms Push for CVE-Like Cloud Bug System
  • Conclusion & Acknowledgements

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