PeakPlus CONTROL Services

Through visibility, reporting and consulting, our services provide cost analysis and optimization, comparative analytics and a consistent improvement of cloud security. Our customers that leverage these services on average experience a 25% cost reduction and a 10% reduction in security vulnerabilities.

Service Deliverables

  • 24×7 Cost Monitoring and Alerting against Budget
  • Access to the PeakPlus Cloud Management Platform
  • Monthly Reporting and Consulting on Costs, Cost Optimization, Resource Usage, Security Best
  • Practices and Ongoing Remediation of Security Issues

Monthly CONTROL Report Sample

Click to view an example of our monthly PeakPlus CONTROL report.

Monthly Pricing with AWS Billing Services

Pinnacle’s PeakPlus CONTROL for Cloud services enable our customers to optimize their use of cloud through cost savings, Cloud governance, and Cloud security. Our offers are constructed to deliver the right level of Cloud support needed by each customer. The chart below shows monthly pricing with AWS billing services as a percentage of monthly cloud spend.

Cloud Optimization & Management Resources

Cloud Management 303 Training – On Demand

PTP and CloudCheckr hosted a 1.5 hour, roll-up-your-sleeves dive into several areas of the cloud management platform that our experts have determined give you and your business benefit, but are frequently under-utilized.  This on-demand training session was led by...

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Automating Reserved Instances in the Cloud

- Reserved Instances On-Demand Webinar Event - It is one thing to have the visibility into recommendations for reserved instances, right sizing and idle resources, it is another to put that into action to realize savings. Learn from experts from PTP, Spot and...

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