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I made a commitment to myself to read at least one book, cover-to-cover, each month in 2019. I didn’t define whether that would be self-help, business, non-fiction, fiction or otherwise. I used to read a ton of books before we had kids but time and energy got limited, work had been busy, and then years later came along the iPhone and iPad. So far I’m through Outliers by Malcom Gladwell (thanks to Mike McElaney) and The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford (recommendation from my mother-in-law). Both remarkable reads.

The majority of the free world and I, those who have access to the internet, are now stuck in the tractor-beam of real-time information that’s coming to us far faster than it can be consumed. Most of this comes via correlated news feeds and social channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Posts, information, likes, comments – – there are always updates and never is there a shortage of information. The problem is, the majority of the information is incomplete, biased, erroneous or simply poorly put together. Hence my desire to get back to reading more. I want real-time information, I want to stay connected to friends and my network, but I also want well-scripted thoughts, stories and ideas that somehow can impact my life. Well, guess what? The value we offer at Pinnacle Technology Partners (PTP) straddles this chasm and delivers on the desires or continuous feeds of new information coupled with well thought out approaches of consumption. We are our customers social/news feed along with their historical biography and self-help book. Allow me to explain.

Social/News Feed
Our business serves to aid growing innovation companies to leverage information to move faster – – their research, their innovations, their time-to-market. We believe those companies are highly reliant on cloud services, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or SaaS services. Just this morning I received a weekly tech update from AWS that contained THIRTY, yes THIRTY, updates on products and services. Just this week. Our customers are moving fast, AWS is moving even faster, and our job is to provide the expertise to allow our customers to reap the benefits of these real-time advances while minimizing risks of downtime, cost-overruns or data security issues.

Non-Fiction/History Book
At the same time, our customers’ demands are high and their environments are complex. They have users in campus locations, in regional locations, remote locations. They often have data in multiple clouds and on-premise. They are concerned about datacenter operations in oversight, quality and cost. They are mandated by compliance organizations for governance and have risk of loss in data security. They need tools, they need expertise, and people that are experts in cloud computing platforms where there are literally hundreds of unique products or services. They want to know that we have the experience with this from prior engagements, they want to review our case studies, and they want to talk to our references.

Best of Both Worlds
Many people are complaining about the negative impact of the smartphone. We’re not writing in complete sentences, we’re not actually talking to one another, etc… I’d be lying if I wasn’t in that camp sometimes. The truth, however, is that we have the choice and the opportunity, should we choose to be accountable, to leverage the speed of this technology for its value, while not forgetting the beauty of a beautifully-told story. The team at PTP aims to do just that. Bring the value of the cloud in speed and time-to-market to our customers, while sharing with them our enabling expertise in the form of expertise and history of success.

Happy clouding! Give us a holler and we’ll tell you our story.

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